Exchanges or refunds can only be made within 7 days after delivery when receiving your goods that are materials different other than the materials noted in your proof sent to you by us, including materials, sizes and shapes. Reason why.... when orders are placed, your order immediately goes into production to get your goods to you as quickly as possible. Therefore orders in production "materials used for your order" cannot stop or be reversed. For this reason is why we send you proof of goods before production by email before orders are paid for. Proofs are sent to you to review and accept. When you accept a proof you are then sent a invoice. Once paid for, your order goes into production.  Refunds or exchanges excludes colors / images. We cannot guarantee all colors or images to be exact. The color gamma on your computer may differ from ours as well as specific file types that are sent by email etc. We try our best to match what you send us.... With that said, when you receive a proof, we highly recommend you review the proof thoroughly by zooming in on artwork for colors, clarity, sizes, quantities and cost before accepting the proof.